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How to Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop for Your Vehicle

Regardless of the make or model vehicle you purchase, there will come a point in time when maintenance will be required. By accessing preventive maintenance at Kenny Ross Ford you can ensure that any underlying issues are handled prior to developing into major problems. 

And this applies to the most economical vehicle available on the market right through to the most expensive vehicle. Regular preventative maintenance carried out on your vehicle by your trusted auto repair shop can easily extend the life of not only your vehicle, but hoses, belts, and fluids as well, way beyond the dealer repair warranty.

Is It More Expensive to Use a Dealer for Repairs?

Our factory-trained technicians use the industry's most comprehensive checklists to ensure your vehicle is running as good as the day it was purchased.

We work on hundreds of cars each month and have many service bays that aid in quick diagnosis of exactly what your vehicle needs.

Our team of service advisors discuss with each customer the best service plan to get your car back to running at optimal efficiency.

Don't make the mistake of taking your car somewhere else. At Kenny Ross, we are fully equipped to give your vehicle the best care.  From welding to tire replacement, we use top quality parts so that when we fix your car - it stays fixed.  And remember, even if you didn't purchase your vehicle at Kenny Ross, you can bring it here for the best service in town.

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