Dealer vs Independent Auto Repair Shops

How to Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop for Your Vehicle

Regardless of the make or model vehicle you purchase, there will come a point in time when maintenance will be required. By accessing preventive maintenance at Kenny Ross Ford you can ensure that any underlying issues are handled prior to developing into major problems.

And this applies to the most economical vehicle available on the market right through to the most expensive vehicle. Regular preventative maintenance carried out on your vehicle by your trusted auto repair shop can easily extend the life of not only your vehicle, but hoses, belts, and fluids as well, way beyond the dealer repair warranty.

Is It More Expensive to Use a Dealer for Repairs?

This is a good question. The answer is yes, in some instances. You may have noticed that vehicle repairs carried out by a regular auto repair shop can be a lot cheaper than repairs undertaken at a car dealership. So, if money is the only issue, yes - these repairs can be less expensive. However, there's a lot more involved than just money. Ford service technicians are the only ones that will ensure your vehicle runs precisely the way it should. This is because these certified technicians are specifically trained to understand your vehicle, and they know these cars inside and out.

It makes sense that every vehicle brand has its own specific idiosyncrasies, which means that a standard mechanic may consider a vehicle's little quirks and minor noises to be a major problem, because this mechanic will be using his general knowledge to assess these issues.

On the other hand, when you take your vehicle to a dealer to access their certified brand mechanics in their auto repair shop, you know that these expert mechanics have intimate knowledge of your vehicle and are thus able to quickly assess any maintenance situation. It therefore follows that you will receive a more appropriate repair estimate than offered by a standard mechanic. Ultimately, service costs at a dealership auto repair shop can save you money, time, and a lot of stress.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

For many people their vehicle is a vital part of their livelihood, which means it should be treated like a family member. If a family member continuously complained about a specific issue, you wouldn't hesitate to take that family member to the best specialist you could find and have them examined to get the issue resolved.

Your car is no different! Because we rely so heavily on our cars to keep us safe, our vehicles should be given the same respect and attention as our family members. It's always worth regularly maintaining your vehicle, and an auto repair shop can tell you how to repair or change the vehicle's battery, whether the brakes are working adequately, take care of faulty air-conditioning, and so on. You need to trust your auto repair shop to take care of your vehicle, thus extending its life.

Auto Repair Shops for Body Work

We're always concerned when we hear unusual noises coming from our vehicle, and that's usually when we rush to our local repair shop, but we should remember that auto repair shop services are not necessarily limited to just the working parts of your vehicle. Many repair shops offer additional services that include body repair work, which can be a lifesaver when your car body has been damaged, rust is appearing, or you simply want to repair a scratch. Many auto repair shops have lots of expertise in keeping your car looking brand-new by keeping the paint fresh and attending to scratches and any other damage.

Possibly one of the more common issues auto repair shops deal with is the vehicle's glass. It's very common for road debris or small rocks to flick up while driving and ruin a windshield. While this may appear to be minor damage, it's important that you take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop and have the chipped glass filled with a specialised solution. This minor repair can prevent a small chip from turning into a large crack when the weather changes.

Are Vehicle Repairs Tax Deductible?

It depends what your vehicle is used for. You'll find that most vehicle maintenance and repairs are tax deductible if your vehicle is used in a professional manner for driving to and from work. Make sure you keep all receipts for vehicle repairs and maintenance, which makes it easier when it's time to file for taxes. On the other hand, you can't claim vehicle repairs and maintenance as a tax deduction if your vehicle is not used for business.

I Need Assistance with My Vehicle: Where Do I Go?

You'll find many auto repair shops throughout the Penn Hills, Westmoreland, Monroeville, Butler, Greensburg, and the Greater Pittsburgh areas, but none of these will match the service and attention at Kenny Ross Ford in Adamsburg, PA. We love cars, and we completely understand just how much your vehicle means to you.

We treat every vehicle that comes into our auto repair shop with the greatest respect, as if it belongs to our own family member. We'd love the opportunity to show just how professional and efficient our mechanics are and how we offer our valued customers a really great customer experience. Why not come and visit us today? We'd love to talk cars with you.

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